Robin Ling, a hobbyist photographer decided to take the leap into professional work after winning a number of local amateur photographic competitions.

Around this time his first child was born, a son named ‘James’. On this premise, the brand Home James Media was created.

The brand celebrates the wonderful art form that is Photography, covering all genres from landscapes, through to product photography and studio work.

Robin often travels to find interesting subject matter and although his work is largely focussed  Lincolnshire landscape photographs, there are pictures from further afield including Scotland, the Lake District, and the East Yorkshire Coast.

Home James Media was set up as a vehicle to get Robin’s pictures out on show. Here you will find a wide range of works available to purchase in print or as digital downloads. Prints will be delivered direct to your door by mail order. Soon prints of our Artwork will be available in a number of local businesses as well.

Home James Media will also be attending local craft fairs and events and there will be a number of different prints in varying sizes as well as other interesting items for sale.