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Learn about how Robin got into photography, what inspires his work and take a look into his methods.

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This self-portrait of Robin was taken on a photographic adventure to the Lake District.

Robin stayed with his son James just outside Keswick. The monoliths behind are part of Castlerigg Stone Circle.

A write-up of the trip can be found on the blog pages

Robin Ling at Castlerigg Stone Circle


Robin has been interested in photography since the late 1990s when he was given an old film SLR by his Grandfather. 

At this point digital photography was in its infancy and a teenager’s budget meant film photography was cost prohibitive for him at the time.

However this early foray into photography sowed a seed of interest which lay dormant until 2005 when he purchased his first ‘serious’ camera in the form of a Nikon D50.

4 years on and an upgrade to a D90 sparked an interest in creative photography, at which point Robin joined the local camera club and started taking photography evening classes.

Robin has always been a creative with a keen interest in wildlife and nature – early creative attempts into watercolour painting sparked his interest for the natural world further.


Lincolnshire Landscape Photography by Robin Ling | Home James Media

Robin loves vintage sign-writing and this inspired the branding for Home James Media.

His home-town of Hibaldstow, Lincolnshire is well known for it’s population of wild Mallard ducks and this influence is also represented in the Home James Media logo

Creating the Brand

In 2014 Robin and his Wife, Paula welcomed their first child into the world. They decided to name him “James”. Robin was keen to include his new Son’s name when creating the brand and also build in a catchphrase frequently used in the family – “Home James…and don’t spare the horses”. 

Home James Media as a brand was conceived in 2015.

After a brief spell exploring his photographic style, shooting family and portrait photography for paying clients, Robin settled on Landscape Photography as his primary interest/genre.

Another self-portrait – this image was taken whilst Robin was using an innovative method to capture an image of the Spring’s Delights stone plaque marking the site of the former Spring’s Jam Factory in Brigg, Lincolnshire.

Using the long pole and a wide angle lens offers the ability to capture images from a unique perspective and minimise distortion.

The finished print is available to buy from the online store


Inspiration and Methods

His love of being outdoors made the decision easy although it’s not been without its challenges. Planning and executing a landscape shoot around a young family and trying to get to a location in the best possible light has not always been easy.

 Robin has explored many different methods to attempt to make his photography unique and fit in with a busy life. It’s not always practical to be up at 4am to be set up on location for a summer sunrise, but by using creative techniques it’s possible to get interesting photographs whatever the lighting conditions dictate.

As an engineer by education, Robin studied technical drawing and he firmly believes this has helped enormously in terms of understanding composition and perspective.

An interest in old equipment and the look produced by quality film lenses is carried through to Robin’s work today. He shoots the majority of his work with a Sony A7 full frame camera coupled with adapted film era lenses which gives a distinctive look.

Robin is also proud that using this setup allows him to go full circle to where he started – using the equipment that his Grandfather gave him, making every image capture special.

photo art online from home james media

Looking to Buy Prints?

A selection of Lincolnshire Landscape Photography prints in various sizes both framed and unframed are available via the online gallery.

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