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Like many DSLR cameras, the Nikon D750 has a built in Pop-up flash. What many people don’t realise is it is possible to change the power settings for the built in flash on a Nikon D750.

If using the built-in flash to trigger off camera flashes by using the flash bodies optical slave mode, you may wish to minimise the effect of the pop-up flash on the exposure.

To do this you need to change the power setting for the pop-up flash to as low as it will go.

On the D750 power settings range from 1/128 to full power.

For triggering an off camera flash body in optical slave mode I recommend setting your pop up flash to 1/128 power. This will work nicely for subjects indoors if you’re not too far from the off camera flash.

To change the flash setting for the pop-up flash on the D750 you will need to ensure the camera program dial is set to Manual mode, then follow the steps below:

  • Press the menu button
  • Scroll to the pencil menu icon
  • Jump right and choose menu option ‘E’ – Bracketing and Flash, hit ok
  • Then choose option ‘E3’ – Flash control for built in flash, hit ok
  • Change the flash mode to ‘M’ or manual.
  • You should now be able to choose the flash level – set as desired and ok your changes
  • Time to snap away to your hearts content.

This is a great way of triggering external flash bodies if you do not have the benefit of wireless triggers or are using older flashes which do not have a wireless slave function.

Budget flashes can be purchased for less than £100 and I am still having success with one I purchased using this method for around £50.

I can recommend the following Yongnuo flash for use with this technique:

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