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In this post I’m doing a rundown of my top 3 Lincolnshire Photographs showing off the season of Spring.

We had quite a mild winter this year with not much in the way of cold weather at all, which has meant the natural world has been awash with colour during spring.

Trees and plants are showing their best displays in years – it’s been particularly good for Cherry blossom which is where I’ll start the review:

  1. Cherry Blossom at Gunby Hall – As a family of National Trust members we travel around Lincolnshire’s stately homes quite often and this shot was taken on our second visit to Gunby when the Cherry trees were in full blossom. I’ve started to use my Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.8 more and more. It’s my goto lens when paired with a Sony A7. The setup is really small and compact and can fit in a relatively small holster bag inside a rucksack along with snacks for the boys and spare clothes too. Perfect for capturing moments like this when the light hits just right and not intruding on a family day out.hot pink cherry blossom at gunby hall
  2. Adult Stonefly taken at Messingham Sands Nature Reserve – My eldest son James has started studying mini-beasts and other bugs as part of his first year of school. With the weather warming up over the early May bank holiday we decided to visit our local nature reserve in search of elusive bugs and beasties! Whilst searching through some long grass we discovered this adult stonefly sunning itself along this stem. After a short capture in a plastic jar to give James a closer look I released it back to where we found it and took this image with my improvised macro setup consisting of a 28mm f.2.8 lens and 12mm of extension tubes. Focussing was achieved by stopping the lens down to around f16 and then moving the camera forward and back until I hit the sweet spot.adult stonefly messingham sands nature reserve
  3. Hyacinths in Gunby Estate Woodland – The final image in my top 3 i’m really quite proud of.  Also taken at Gunby Hall, I feel I have captured the essence of spring in a Lincolnshire woodland perfectly. The pink hyacinths contrast beautifully with their green foliage and the blue varieties on the periphery draw the eye towards the centre of the image. Again I was lucky with the light here and the dappled sunlight has created beautiful specular highlights and swirly bokeh in the background.pink hyacinths in woodland lincolnshire

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little run through of my favourite few images taken by me this spring. I appreciate they are a little different to my typical landscape photographs but hopefully they give you an idea of what it’s been like to be out in the Lincolnshire countryside this past season.

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