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In spring 2018 the UK encountered snow storms completely out of character for the time of year.

It was dubbed “The Beast From The East”, rendering the more remote villages in Lincolnshire isolated by snow drifts.

Whilst many of the local farmers sheltered their own Beast indoors, on the outskirts of the village of Hibaldstow, a small herd of Highland Cattle braved the elements. A Bull, a Cow and a Calf – Three Amber Coloured stalwarts against the weather.

They are hardy creatures, evolved and selectively bred for their resilience to the elements.

On this particular day, the weather was inclement enough for this family of Beast to seek shelter from the driven snow behind a hedgerow.

With the weather like this, my camera spent as much time in my vehicle as I did. Always in readiness for opportunities to make pictures.

I passed the herd of beast on my way back home one afternoon and saw them tucked in tight to the Hawthorn hedge.

After parking my vehicle safely, I swung open my door and dropped my feet into 8 inches of snow and trudged the short distance to say hello to the auburn creatures.

Friendly little beasts, they were as interested in me as I was in them. I found myself face-to-face with the female of the herd. Perhaps shiny-wet nose to lens front element would have been a better synopsis. The lasting memory I had from the encounter was the frozen icicles on the creature’s eyelashes. The resulting picture an enduring capture of that moment.

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