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Last weekend, National Trust property Tattershall Castle ran their annual festive market.

I visited as I was keen to explore how busy the market would be and whether a photography stall at next year’s event would be a successful venture for me.

The Castle

Tattershall Castle Lincolnshire

The Castle itself looks like a really good place to explore – being a National Trust member it’s always great to find new properties to go to not very far from home.

Access within the Castle is via a winding spiral staircase and on a busy day such as this is was a little treacherous to climb with a 4 year old in tow.Graffiti carved into stonework in tattershall castle

I was amazed by the how intricate the “graffiti” on the stonework within the staircase has developed over the centuries.

It started, as with so many old buildings as the stonemason’s mark, that was left as evidence in terms of the number of pieces of stonework completed.

This allowed for the mason to be paid by volume of pieces finished and is the origin of the term “piecework”.

If you are so inclined, you can even climb right to the top of the castle and access the roof.

It was a clear day and views over the surrounding 10 miles or so from the roof of the Castle were fantastic.

Immediately outside of the Castle grounds lies Holy Trinity Church (somewhere I’ve photographed before).

This view hopefully captures the atmosphere of the day by showing how busy the castle grounds were and affords a wonderful view of Holy Trinity Church.

Holy Trinity Church Tattershall taken from the roof of Tattershall Castle

The Church is also a fantastic place to wander around. If you visit the Castle I highly recommend going into the Church as well. Parts of the Church date back to the 15th century.

Holy Trinity Church Tattershall taken from the grounds of Tattershall Castle

It even boast to be the final resting place of “Tom Thumb” and his grave stone inside the Church draws visitors from around the world.

Holy Trinity Church Tattershall taken from the grounds of Tattershall Castle


I was blown away by how many people visited. It was literally one-in-one-out in each of the three marquees.

This definitely looks like a good opportunity for selling my photographs to a wider audience and getting my name out there in a different part of the county.

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